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Jennifer Alyssa Photography


Whether you are a mom who just purchased a new DSLR, a brand new photographer trying to learn manual and grow your business, or a photographer wanting to invest in yourself...igotchu. 

I offer 3 different packages, and each pertains specifically to YOU and YOUR goals!

Not only do you get to learn my tricks on growing your business, but you get to keep me for LIFEEEE! Basically, I teach you the ins-and-outs of photography business, client relationships, social media and growth, posing/prompting/emotional storytelling, loving the light, behind the camera training, and templates up the wazoo. Oh, and after your mentorship has completed, you have a coach for life. 

Business Mentorship: $850

This 1.5 hour course will go over all the fine details you need, whether you are just starting up or going from a hobbyist to professional. From setting up your LLC, understanding SEO, and gaining your work-flow, I will explain step by step on how to obtain and become an "official" photography business. I will also go over setting up all social media accounts, how to gain your ideal client, showing a start to finish session work-flow examples, contracts, and price sheet templates.
In this mentorship, you will get 1 FaceTime/Zoom meeting with me.
Behind the Camera Mentorship: $850

This 2 week course will go over "behind the scenes" of photography, and how to excel in your skills. This mentorship is great for those who already have their legal business and social media accounts, but just need some training on how to work their camera, gain clients, better their communication and consults, understanding posing/prompting, back/front lighting, and emotional storytelling.
Once we go over the training via FaceTime/Zoom chats, we will apply the taught training into a real session. With this mentorship, you will receive 1 one-on-one styled shoot with me in which I will style a session of your choice. I will teach the first half, and you will complete the second half on your own. 
Dual Mentorship: $2000

This 4 week course will go over both mentorships as stated above. How freaking awesome is this for someone wanting to become one-step ahead?! 
You will get not only business 101, social media, and camera skill teaching, but also a ton of meetings and styled sessions with me!
I will style 2 session specific to your needs; one to teach, and one to do all on your own. We will have 3 FaceTime/Zoom meetings along with 3 in person meetings. I will let you sit in on a session to see how I work, and watch me edit the session with tips and tricks!
Seriously, isn't this the best option ever? It's my FAV, and I only say this because all togs need to keep the learning growth; plus I love teaching. 
1-hour shoot (add-on): $500

Maybe you just want to follow me and see my client skills, shooting secrets and editing tricks... and I'm totes OK with that! This is the option for you!
You will follow me to a session of your choice, watch me work some solid magic with the sun and my clients, and watch how I edit my gallery from start to finish. Ask all the questions you want, and spend some quality time with me!! 
This awesome package can be added any package stated above!!

1-hour Emotional Storytelling: $500

Are you interested in learning the ins-and-outs of emotions and bringing your images/business to the next level? Emotional storytelling is a fine subject where you dig deep into your own emotions to pull out the ones of your surrounding. 
In this 1 hour course, I will go over details in emotional and behavioral psychology (ya sis has a degree in this ya know!), how storytelling can impact your business brand and your images, and prompts to assist you in your next session!
This is a crash course zoom meeting that will last an hour. It can be used alone or added to one of the above packages.

So, what is holding you back from being one of the best photographers in the industry, and setting yourself a step above the rest?

Lets do this!!

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